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The farm is located in Neo Tiew Lane 1. It’s a sector in Singapore where the government has allocated for only farming purposes. There are various farms around like fish, prawns vegetable farms nearby. The TACHYPLEUS GIGAS are kept in a modern technology of the vertical farming. The reason of this method of farming being used is cause water conditions, eating habits, living conditions of the TACHYPLEUS GIGAS can be read very accurately which will only help Gigas Labs to constantly improve to make the farm much better. They are also closely monitored around the clock by the farmers whose roles are to make sure the system is running up to the high standards Gigas Labs set for themselves.

One key highlight of the farm area is the lab which is setup up in the same compound. This is to make the TACHYPLEUS GIGAS less stress and get use to the surroundings easily which will not only reduce the mortality level but also improve the quality of the blood. Gigas Labs aims not only to provide sustainable high quality blood to the pharmaceutical industry but stop the TACHYPLEUS GIGAS from being extinct. Which is why hatching and nursing are also being trial and tested and we have reached very advanced stages of being successful. Long term goals for Gigas Labs Pte Ltd is to make sure the TACHYPLEUS GIGAS is not exploited for its unique benefits but also increase its population and make it non endangered species again.


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