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GIGAS LABS PTE LTD came about from one of the four main species of horseshoe crab called TACHYPLEUS GIGAS. It’s the species that is being housed, nursed and well taken care of in the farm at Neo Tiew Lane, Singapore. Using a unique system and technology under the supervision and consultation by GILLS N CLAWS PTE LTD which is the vertical farming. Gigas Labs main aim is to overcome a major obstacle currently in the blood extraction industry. And have found a way which will not only provide sustainable TAL blood high in quality which will be helpful for the pharmaceutical industry, it’s also in safe manner which will not affect the horseshoe crabs health.

Gigas Labs chose this species of the horseshoe crab because it’s claimed that it’s the most endangered one of the four species. Also their habitats are slowly being destroyed around the region. It’s a way of the company’s objective to stabilise the pharmaceutical industry and also keep the Tachypleus Gigas from extinction.


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